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Lin the Piglin Book 2: Mc Boned Face

Choices were hard, Mc Boned Face never had to make them before he found himself meeting a piglin named Lin.

She showed up in his life in a literal explosion taking out the portal to the nether as her way of making an entrance.

He liked life locked in a boat in a box where things were simple, and he could yell at Steve as he went by. Lin turned that all around and made everything complicated with her friendship.

Now Mc Boned Face must take on a world that hates him to get her back. He might be a skeleton just trying to keep the wolves from using him as a snack, but can he get his life and memories back from the endless hunger of the darkness. Can he find family and friends that would love him as he is?

When the truth comes to light can he keep it together long enough to live with the wisdom he learns? Can he avoid Steve, golems, the undead, and soggy gods long enough to repay Lin for everything she gave up for him? He does not know if he will survive but he is going down this new path in life kicking and screaming with everything he has.

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