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Lin the Piglin: Book 1 to Book 7

Follow the unlikely friendship of a young piglin, a skeleton, and Steve as they battle it out with the forces of Darkness that threaten to destroy Minecraft. 213,000 words of Thrilling Minecraft adventure in 1 book.

In this box set is the following stories:

Book 1: The Hero Piglin – Lin must put her new-found bravery to use. With Steve trapped too far away to help, she sets off to defend her world from the hordes that attack it. It’s time for Lin to stop being afraid to make mistakes and time for Lin to start using her sword!

Book 2: Mc Boned Face – He liked life locked in a boat in a box where things were simple, and he could yell at Steve as he went by. Lin turned that all around and made everything complicated with her friendship.

Now Mc Boned Face must take on a world that hates him to get her back. He might be a skeleton just trying to keep the wolves from using him as a snack, but can he get his life and memories back from the endless hunger of the darkness? Can he find family and friends that would love him as he is?

Book 3: Witch Bone – Mc Bone Face had tried to live in peace, and he had tried to live with himself. Now he must try and live through a war he wants no part in the first place. His friends and family are all tied in the stakes and the mistakes he has made. There is nowhere to go but forward as the last parts of his heart and past come back to him while he struggles with the meaning behind his life.

Book 4: The Little Pig Lin’s Way Home – While everyone else was busy looking for something to do, the Withers found their way into the Upper World to reign havoc on everything. Now she has to save Steve from a fate worse than death. Mc Boned Face, a skeleton turned traitor to the Darkness was her only friend. A friend with a secret that she would do anything for; even risking her life once more. Lin has to race against the promise of a dream life as she descends into the end. She has to risk the wrath of her father by going back into the Nether.

Book 5: The Power In Will – A golden apple unlike any other, he was left to dream of being a hero at night while he toiled away to grow carrots under the hot sun during the day. If he is going to be a hero in the daylight, he will have to figure out what tree he fell out of. Will must climb it to the top if he is ever going to find his patch of sunlight in a world that the Darkness seeks to devour.

Book 6: When Will Is Not Enough – Will has been around the world, but now it’s out of the tower and into the fire. Left behind as his father marched off to war, he had one job: Keep the villagers safe. He failed.

Book 7: Will the Light – Will has a lot of growing up to do before he can get these young divine to sit down and behave. He doesn’t have anywhere to turn with the Light at his back and the Darkness coming straight for him. Will must go straight into the jaws of the Darkness if he wants to find the truth. The truth, like most things, however, can be blinding. When you stare into the darkness for too long, you can forget about the light.

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