In the Darkness (Book 1): The Enemy’s Cult

For older Minecraft fans

It is five years after the Great Minecraft Tournament and the war that followed it, and the Champions celebrate their special moment before leaving on a well-deserved vacation thanks to the peace that they’ve brought to the Minecraft World.

Unfortunately, there are some that know that the peace isn’t as real as many believe. Even now, with the greatest enemy vanquished, there are many hidden enemies and organization seeking to cause chaos and topple the King and Queen in the most terrible ways possible.

Officer William Johnstone of the Royal City Police Force can feel it; something dark is rising in the shadows of the city, planning and waiting for the moment when they can strike and destroy the tranquil times that have existed since Herobrine’s defeat.

Evil is rising and the enemy has returned to the fight.

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30 Little Unknown Minecraft Survival Tips

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