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I Am Dynamite The Creeper Book 3: Creepers on Strike

After being kidnapped by miners, now he’s being forced to work in the mines of the same miners who kidnapped him in the past.

My name is Dynamite, and I’m just as unlucky as someone would expect a Creeper with my name to be. A couple of months ago, I was kidnapped by a group of miners because they wanted to blow up Creepers so they could more easily find gold. They also kidnapped my best friend, Cameron. Long story short, I escaped. Once I got back to my neighborhood, I found out that the miners had kidnapped the rest of the Creepers in my neighborhood. I helped them escape later, though.

Once everyone got back to the neighborhood, we hired Endermen to build a wall around the neighborhood. However, spiders got in, and the Creepers got scared and wanted to build a dome on top of the wall, but the mayor didn’t have enough money to fund it. So, now, she’s sending me, Cameron, and a bunch of other Creepers to work in the mine of the same miners who kidnapped us! I can’t believe it!

I need to come up with a plan to stop this insanity! How can I make the Mayor realized that what she’s doing is wrong? Are we safe to work in the mines? Or are the miners up to something sinister for us Creepers?

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