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I Am Dynamite The Creeper Book 2: The Endermen Are In Town

The Endermen are in town to build Dynamite’s Creeper Neighborhood a wall to protect their community from intrusion from other mobs. But can the Endermen be trusted to do the job or are they out to do something bad to the Creepers?

My name is Dynamite, and things have been pretty crazy in the last month. I was kidnapped by miners, escaped, and then saved the rest of the Creepers in my neighborhood from those same miners. The miners then tried to bribe me with gold to make me forgive them and join their mining operation! There was no way that those things was about to happen!

I’m not about to throw the money away, though. That would be ridiculous. Instead, I’ve decided to invest that gold into my town’s safety. The miners kidnapped me from close to my own home. I don’t want anything like that to happen to anyone else in my town. So I’ve given the money to the Mayor. She’s said she’ll help to build a wall around the neighborhood to keep us safe. I guess now we just have to wait and see what happens when Endermen build this wall for us!

Are we really safe from miners or other mobs who want to do harm to Creepers like me? Should we trust the Endermen to build the wall for us or are we letting the enemy into our village? Did I made the right decision to give the money to the Mayor or am I bringing doom to my neighborhood?

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