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I Am Dynamite The Creeper Book 1: Kidnapped

The most explosive diary in the whole of Overworld will now be revealed!

Most of us think that Minecraft Creepers just explode at will but Dynamite the Creeper thinks otherwise since he is terrified of exploding. However, all actual Creepers know that they don’t actually want to explode. That’s just a myth. Only other mobs know that, though.

This makes for more than a little problem when Dynamite is taken by some miners who want to use Creepers to explode a gold mine. Needless to say, Dynamite doesn’t want to explode, but the miners don’t seem to understand that. Dynamite now needs to figure out a way to help the miners explode the mine with something other than himself, escape, or both.

Will Dynamite escape the miners? Or will he be forced to explode himself to save the other Creepers?

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