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How to Draw Animals: Learn How To Draw Animals For Kids, A Step by Step Guide

Do you want to learn how to draw different animals?

This how to draw step by step drawing book for kids will show you how easy it is to draw different animals starting from scratch to its final details. Creating cute illustrations of elephant, giraffe, cow, moose, alligator and of other animals is possible by following the how to draw animals step by steps procedure in this book. Some of the animals are easy to draw and some are a little challenging, but as you will discover in this how to draw book everything starts from circles and lines, so as long as you can draw circles and lines and follow instructions you’ll be able to draw these charming animals.

What are you waiting for? Have a copy now and get how to draw animals for beginners like you!

Age specifications:
•How to draw for toddlers
•How to draw for preschoolers
•How to draw for kids ages 2-4
•How to draw for kids ages 4-8
•How to draw for kids ages 9-12

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