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Heroic Exploits: The Complete Story Collection, 15 Adventures in 1 Book

What do you know about villagers? Are they just passive mobs in the game waiting for Steve to save their village from zombies?

Mark Mulle combined three trilogies of his most popular stories about villagers into one book plus two more trilogies about two friends who fought Herobrine. 120,000 words of thrilling Minecraft quest.

Included in this box set are the complete series for:

The Village Detective Diaries – Detective Jones, or Jewels, as her parents call her, has been reading every mystery novel that she could get her hands on. Since she had only learned how to read five years ago, she hadn’t actually read much, but she had read enough to know that there was something weird going on in her village. Join her as she investigates the mysteries surrounding her village.

Diary of Reg the Villager – Reg Alliv is an ambitious architect in the world of Minecraft, but he despises all the work it takes to gather all the stone, iron, coal, wood, and other materials to build his masterpieces. One day he listens to a stranger’s story about a mythical thing called “Creative Mode,” where you can build forever without ever mining for materials again. Enthralled by this idea, Reg sets out to find a way to enter Creative Mode… but will the search drive him to insanity?

Diary of Hank the Villager – Hank is anything but your average Villager. Most Villagers get along just fine, hanging out in the villages and leading simple lives. Hank wanted more out of life. Ever since Hank was little he was fascinated by all sorts of mobs, but mostly the monstrous ones. Now that Hank is all grown up he owns a farm and keeps a few animal mobs on it. He still wants more, though. Hank has a mission–to find monster mobs and teach the rest of the village how cool they can be.

The Legend: The Mystery of Herobrine – Follow Mike, a Minecraft noob, and his friend Jerry as they take the first steps into their first Minecraft adventure together and find out what they will discover about the mystery of the white-eyed ghost HEROBRINE!

The Dragon’s Mountain – Mike is living a peaceful life on his newly built farm, after defeating the evil Herobrine and saving the world of Minecraft from falling under his dark reign.

But Mike’s peaceful existence is shaken up by two of his friends that up until that moment, he thought he had lost. Jerry, Mike’s best friend, and his former enemy turned ally, Micah, bring Mike news of a faraway mountain that holds an unimaginable treasure.

It doesn’t take long until Mike is convinced to embark on an Minecraft adventure alongside his two buddies.

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