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Herobrine’s Adventure Diaries (Book 2): The Enderman’s Curse

Herobrine is desperate to find out more about the Enderman’s Curse that he sees as an awful affliction.

He gets the chance one night when a stranger from another village comes to the Desert Village to ask for help with Endermen attacks. Herobrine is also surprised to discover that Wilhelm claims that he, too, has the Enderman Curse. But can he be trusted? He asks for help and Jessica and Samson agree to go back with him to his village to help out. Despite Herobrine feeling uneasy about the whole thing, he agrees to go, too, but along the way, Wilhelm starts to act a little strange. Wilhelm is not at all what he seems, but manages to convince Herobrine that he also encountered an Enderman and received the curse, even though he doesn’t show any of the signs of the curse, like the creepy eyes and the ability to manipulate bedrock. He can, however, teleport, or so he claims. It turns out that teleporting is an ability that comes along with the Enderman’s Curse. What adventures lie ahead for Herobrine as he tries to learn a new skill?

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