Herobrine Series

Minecraft Herobrine

Follow the incredible journey of a player named Mark and his amazing adventures as Herobrine. Discover why Notch turned him into Herobrine and the missions he need to complete in order not to be banned from playing Minecraft. Finally, learn about the new Herobrine Program and Mark’s role in it.

Stories featured in this Minecraft book collection

Book 1: Wrongly Accused

Book 2: Punished

Book 3: Redemption

Book 4: The Herobrine Project

Book 5: Not An Easy Job

Book 6: The Last Two Missions

The Legend: The Mystery of Herobrine

While things start off pretty calmly with Jerry slowly teaching Mike his first lessons in survival, mining and crafting, our two players manage to get themselves into a series of misfortune – mining too deep, escaping monster-ridden mines and stumbling into a mysterious and hostile clan.

Follow our two protagonists on their journey and find out what they will discover about the mystery of the white-eyed ghost HEROBRINE!

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