Ghast the Supervillain Diaries Books 1 to 6

The Skeletons of the Overworld versus the Skeletons of the Nether…Who will win the battle in the great Halloween War!?

Discover the story of Sgt Ghast and how he was kicked out of the Nether Army and how he was able to make his way back and became the general that eventually led the soldiers of the Nether world. Follow his subsequent journey through the Overworld … a ghast in the Overworld you might ask? Yes, it is possible! Read his story and discover his complete Minecraft adventure in this special minecraft box set.

In this Minecraft bundle box you’ll enjoy the following stories:

Book 1: Building a Nether Army

Book 2: Taking Over the Nether Army

Book 3: The End of the War

Book 4: Life in the Overworld

Book 5: A Secret Mission

Book 6: To the Nether and Back

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