Ghast the Supervillain (Book 1): Building a Nether Army

Sgt. Ghast was kick out of the Nether Army. But it does not mean that his military career is over. He will get back what was lost and he’ll make sure the Nether World will defeat the Overworld!

They haven’t seen the last of me yet! Those fools think that they can just kick me out of their army! I was the best soldier that they’ve ever had. They’ll lose the war without my great ideas. They must just be afraid of how great I am. I would be scared too if a great big Ghast had all of the answers.

The army made a big mistake when they kicked me out. Now I’m going to get my revenge. I’ll build up my own army and take over theirs and then take over the whole Nether and maybe even the Overworld too! No one will be able to stop me! There’s just one problem… I need to build my army first. 

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