Boxset Book Series

Diary of a Piglin (18 book series)

The Piglin is a recently added mob in the Nether World. What do you know about the Piglin? Are they hostile or not and are they related to Pigman? Let Calvin Pignes’ diary introduce you to the world of Piglins. A diary written by a Piglin? Is that possible?

Changing Horizon (6 book series)

Nothing about Steve’s life has been exciting, and for him, that’s exactly the way he likes it.But Steve is about to get more than he bargained for. Someone is following his new adventures… a man in a dark-purple suit with glowing eyes.A man who will stop at nothing to watch Steve and his friends fail. 

In Steve’s head he is a hero…but is he really a hero or a menace?

Diary of a Pillager (3 book series)

A Pillager that never gets to pillage? That’s true! My name is Petyr. I guess I could say that I’m just your average Pillager. Contrary to popular belief, not every Pillager actually gets to go out on missions to raid the local villages. Only elite members of our village get to do that. I am actually a farmer just like most of the Pillagers in my illage.  

The Friendly Creeper Diaries (9 book series)

Not all creepers want to blow up and hurt other mobs! There are friendly creepers who have their own village and stay away from humans and other mobs. What is it like living as a friendly creeper and how are they different from the other creepers.   Read Mike’s diary and find out how’s life as a Creeper. Mike has lived his whole life in his quiet village on the mountain top. His village is secluded and peaceful. The only thing that makes his village different? It is full of creepers. The friendly creepers live away from the rest of the Over World and keep to themselves. 

Diary of a Drowned (6 book series)

Julius happy, ordinary human life went upside down when the Zombies came to his village to attack him and him alone. What do the Zombies want from Julius?  Julius was living a normal life with his friends in a nice village. Everything in his life went by without much of a concern.

Being Herobrine (6 book series)

Wrongly accused for the series of misfortunate events in his town, Mark vows to take his revenge. Even if that means he is going to be a griefer. Revenge isn’t a good thing, but it could be the only thing you can think of especially when your heart is filled with anger.

The Quest: The Untold Story of Steve (18 book series)

Join Steve in his quest and discover what it truly takes to be a Minecraft hero! In a single player mode where Steve is the only one playing, he considered himself as the sole hero. Everything’s working pretty well until one day, things were suddenly turned upside-down! One by one, unusual things started happening. 

The Dragon's Mountain (3 book series)

He thought his adventuring days are now over. But a new quest presents itself with news of a far away mountain that holds an unimaginable treasure. Mike is living a peaceful life on his newly built farm, after defeating the evil Herobrine and saving the world of Minecraft from falling under his dark reign.

A Zombie Summer School Diary (6 book series)

Have you heard of a zombie going to a summer school? Do zombies go to school in the first place? Apparently, they do attend classes with other monsters and they have a skeleton for their history teacher!

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