Diary of Steve in a Blocky Universe Volume 1 (3 Trilogies = 9 Books in 1)


Here’s an exciting gift from one of Amazon’s bestselling Minecraft authors – Mark Mulle!

He has compiled three of his most exciting trilogies into one book!  That’s right! You’ll get to read three complete Minecraft trilogies in just one book!

That is nine amazing stories based on your favorite Minecraft game!

You’ll be able to save more than 50% if you get this one book instead of getting all nine books.

So what’s inside this book?

Book 1: Steve and the Legend of Herobrine

Book 2: Steve and the Origin of the Blocky Universe

Book 3: Steve Goes to the Nether

Book 4: Steve and Alex Search for the Stronghold

Book 5: Steve and Alex Take on an Ocean Monument

Book 6: Steve and Alex Unleash the Wither

Book 7: Steve and Alex Defeat the Wither

Book 8: Steve and Alex Go to the End

Book 9: Steve and Alex Reach the End

Read the complete journey of Steve from being a noob of the game to getting to the End and fighting the menacing Ender Dragon.

What would it be like if you have awakened into a strange new world made of blocks and needs to learn to survive fast in this tricky and sometime dangerous blocky universe? It’s a trial and error at first for Steve but can he really survive the Minecraft Creepers, Zombies, Skeletons, and Enderman that comes his way.

If that is not enough what about the mysterious legend of a white eyed ghost that wreaks people’s Minecraft game will Steve become a victim as well?

Join Steve on his Minecraft adventures that can only make him a better player in this Blocky Universe as he travels through villages and temples, track down the dreadful Wither and ending it with facing the Ender Dragon.

Will he survive?

Their no shortage of action and fun in this Minecraft Bundle Book.

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