Diary of Crafty Heroes Volume 1 (3 Trilogies = 9 books in 1)

Meet the crafty heroes of Minecraft in this one thrilling book.  Travel with them as they battle it out with the creatures of the Nether and the End Worlds.

Join Adam, Jake and Emily on their biggest adventure to date. 

Featured stories in this Minecraft bundle box set:

Diary of Jake and his Zombie Pigman

Jake’s parents go missing. Now Jake finds himself on an adventure like no other. As he sets off with the zombie pig man, Arrow, to the Nether to find out what has happened, Jake will find himself discovering secrets of not only the world he lives in but about his family as well. 

Book 1: The Creature from the Nether
Book 2: The Spiders Show the Way
Book 3: Lifting the Curse

Diary of a Nether Hero

Adam’s life suddenly changes the day one of the villagers goes missing. As Adam takes a group into the jungle to search for her, he learns there is more to the jungle than meets the eye. The village weirdo Chester tells the group about a legend that the Ender Dragon will be using the Nether to bring everyone from the Over World into the Nether to reign supreme. As events unfold quickly in the jungle, Adam finds himself in danger from falling into the perilous world of the Nether. Can Adam figure things out in time and save the day or will things only get stranger from here on out.
Book 4: The Nether Connection
Book 5: The Family’s Stone
Book 6: The Final Battle

Diary of an End Hero

Emily knows that her mom is leaving on an adventure to find something big involving the End, always thought to be a legend, and she doesn’t want to be stuck behind. 

Will Emily take the chance to sneak off and be with her mom or will she stay behind and be left wondering what lies out in the world? 
Book 7: An Open Portal
Book 8: The Jungle Ruins
Book 9: Defeating the Enemy

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