Diary of a Piglin Book 1: The World of Piglins

The Piglin is a recently added mob in the Nether World. What do you know about the Piglin? Are they hostile or not and are they related to Pigman?

Let Calvin Pignes’ diary introduce you to the world of Piglins. A diary written by a Piglin? Is that possible?

Calvin Pignes is an 18-year-old Piglin that lives in the Nether biome known as Crimson Forest. He lives with his mother, Willow, and his father disappeared many years ago near the Warped Forest.

The Piglins’ peaceful living was disrupted when a strange creature came out of a purple portal made of Obsidian and entered the Nether. That strange creature feared nothing and had weapons and armor made of exquisite materials which went above the golden weapons available in the Nether.

Could that creature help Calvin find his long missing father? Can Calvin trust it despite not knowing what the creature wants to do in the Nether?

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