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Diary of a Valiant Wolf Trilogy

Wolves are known as loyal creatures in the world of Minecraft. They live in wolf packs, and will do anything to protect their group. What most players don’t know is that wolves have many stories to tell as well. This is Boris’ wolf diary and his exciting adventure!

Book 1: Steve’s Wolves

Boris is a brave wolf who lives a peaceful life in this blocky world along with his wife and two cubs, doing his best to protect his family and to provide for them.

But his normal life is about to change when Boris witnesses a bright light coming from the woods during a rainy day, and decides to investigate the area.

To his surprise, Boris finds a strange creature living inside a wooden box, with a wolf as its pet. This two-legged creature is capable of creating items out of thin air and can remove and place blocks anywhere.

Now, Boris must find out what the creature is doing there, and why the wolf is living with it and behaving like his guard.

Book 2: Zombie Horde

After their tough battle and victory over the first Zombie Horde, the group returns home to prepare for the Dragon battle. Unaware of the danger surrounding them, our heroes are attacked late at night and their castle is destroyed in a retaliation attack from the Zombie Leader.

While the group recovers from the attack, Steve receives a message from the Priest, who sent his wolf Elly to deliver it. It’s a call for help, because a stronger horde is coming on the next full moon, along with the Zombie Leader itself.
As if defending one place was not enough, the group must also provide help to three other villages not far from the Priest’s, which are in dire need of urgent repairs and new defenses against the powerful enemies.

Check out the second part of Boris’ diary, and find out if the group will succeed in defeating the Zombie Horde and dethroning the Zombie Leader before finally proceeding to the Ender Dragon.

Book 3: Defeating the Dragon

Boris and his group defeated the Zombie Horde once again in a big battle which demanded the involvement of the entire team. They successfully expelled the Hordes from the battlefield and captured the Zombie Leader.

The Leader was purified in an ancient ritual and his true form was exposed. The Zombie Leader was in fact Kozu, the Priest Hori’s brother, who was infected by a Zombie a few years ago. Kozu tells Steve he must kill the Ender Dragon before the next full moon, otherwise the next hordes will be endless.

The dragon is said to be the main strength of the night monsters, and the one who’s responsible for spawning the Zombie Hordes.

Now, the group must hunt the Endermen to get their precious pearls, craft the Ender Eyes and search for the End Portal. Check the third and last part of Boris’ diary to see if they will achieve their task before it’s too late.

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