Diary of a Valiant Wolf (Book 3): Defeating the Dragon

The time has come to battle the Ender Dragon!

Boris and his group successfully defeated the Zombie Hordes from the battlefield and captured the Zombie Leader.

The Zombie Leader was purified in an ancient ritual and his true form was exposed. The Zombie Leader was in fact Kozu, Priest Hori’s brother, who was infected by a Zombie a few years ago. Kozu tells Steve he must kill the Ender Dragon before the next full moon, otherwise the next hordes will be endless.

The dragon is said to be the main strength of the night monsters, and the one who’s responsible for spawning the Zombie Hordes.

Now, the group must hunt the Endermen to get their precious pearls, craft the Ender Eyes and search for the End Portal. Check the third and last part of Boris’ diary to see if they will achieve their task before it’s too late.

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