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Diary of a Strider Book 4: The Copper Block Mystery

Morgan, our favorite Strider, is back with a new adventure!

Life has been peaceful for the Striders. Radioactive Hoglins and other mutant creatures are no longer a nuisance to the Nether. It is as if they have ceased to exist. The Radioactive Copper Blocks are securely hidden under Heat Lake.

But things are about to change. Doctor Ivy’s research shows that the Radioactive Copper Blocks are actively changing and losing their properties. What implications will it have for the Striders that their precious blocks are no longer stable?

If that is not enough, a strange letter has found a way to the Striders. Fergon, the leader of the Radioactive Hoglins, is asking for help because their Block is deteriorating too. Can the Hoglins be trusted? Can Hoglins and Striders work together to find a solution to fix the Copper Blocks? Are Morgan and his friends in danger because of this?

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