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Diary of a Strider Book 1: Doom Mountain

Have you ever seen a Strider before?

Hey! My name is Morgan and I have decided to start writing a diary about my life. Striders are the masters and rulers of the Nether, and the bravest creatures in the crimson world. Well… maybe not really, but we are definitely proud to belong in the Nether.

The life of a Strider is quite peaceful, and there isn’t really much going on when you live on a landlocked lava lake. But things turned upside down in my life when my group of friends disappeared from the lake!

For the very first time in my life, I had to cross Doom Mountain on foot, the highest mountain near our home lake, and search for my missing friends.

Will I ever find my friends? What lies on the other side of Doom Mountain?

Discover the answers and more and start a new thrilling series featuring one of the newest mobs of the Nether update from Mark Mulle, best-selling Minecraft author

Unlock this thrilling story now so grab your copy now.

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