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Diary of a Pillager Trilogy

What is life like for a Minecraft Pillager? Is raiding villages exciting?

Read the diary of Petyr the Pillager and discover what it is like to be a Pillager living in an illage. Join him in his training to be part of the Pillager raiding team, discover what treasures he will find inside the jungle temple and find out who will win in the battle between illagers and villagers. Petyr’s complete story in one book! No more guessing what will happen next. 

Featured stories in this book:

Book 1: Jungle Temple

A Pillager that never gets to pillage?

That’s true! My name is Petyr. I guess I could say that I’m just your average Pillager. Contrary to popular belief, not every Pillager actually gets to go out on missions to raid the local villages. Only elite members of our village get to do that. I am actually a farmer just like most of the Pillagers in my Village.

Yes, you need training and pass the test conducted by the captain of the raiding crew to be on the team.

I want it so bad to be on the raiding crew! First I need to train how to use a crossbow.

Join me on my adventure in becoming a part of the raiding team. Will I make it? Or being a farmer is what I am destined to do forever?

Book 2: Treasure Hunting

I am officially a part of the pillagers’ raiding team! And if that is not exciting enough, I’ve found a strange looking map that I believe to be a treasure map.

While on my last mission, I found a mysterious map. It’s written in another language—I suspect it’s written in the Villager language, since it is so similar to the Pillager writing. Now, I’m making a mission of my own – find the treasure!

My best friend Kate and I are about to see where this map leads us.  Join us in this exciting treasure hunt and probably even fight who knows how many mobs along the way.

Book 3: Deceived

A Villager that wants to be a Pillager?

My name is Petyr Pillager and as of late, my life is anything but boring. Just in the last couple of months alone, I have gone from working as a humble farmer to joining my village’s local pillaging party. I’ve explored jungle temples and even a pyramid!

My friend Ed, on the other hand, is very new to the pillaging lifestyle. He wants to be a “real” Pillager, but that’s pretty difficult, as he was born a Villager. So, I’m taking it upon myself to teach him the ways of the Pillager. I can’t blame him. Life as a Pillager in a raiding mission is very exciting!

Can Ed be a good Pillager? Will he make it to be a part of the raiding team just like me? But first I need to find out what’s wrong with him as he has been acting weird lately.

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