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Diary of a Pillager Book 3: Deceived

A Villager that wants to be a Pillager?

My name is Petyr Pillager and as of late, my life is anything but boring. Just in the last couple of months alone, I have gone from working as a humble farmer to joining my village’s local pillaging party. I’ve explored jungle temples and even a pyramid!

My friend Ed, on the other hand, is very new to the pillaging lifestyle. He wants to be a “real” Pillager, but that’s pretty difficult, as he was born a Villager. So, I’m taking it upon myself to teach him the ways of the Pillager. I can’t blame him. Life as a Pillager in a raiding mission is very exciting!

Can Ed be a good Pillager? Will he make it to be a part of the raiding team just like me? But first I need to find out what’s wrong with him as he has been acting weird lately.

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