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Diary of a Piglin Boxset: Book 7 to 12

An exhilarating compilation of the diary of a Piglin! Over 170,000 words of Minecraft adventure!

Are you ready for the second part of Calvin the Piglin’s adventure?

Meet a creature that used to thrive in the Nether but is now on the brink of extinction. Discover what Calvin and the rest of the gang will do to save this ancient figure plus help Calvin uncover the mystery behind the creature that attacks and terrorizes Piglins. All six stories in one Minecraft box set. No more guessing what will happen next.

In this box set are the following stories:

Book 7: The Ancient Creature

Book 8: Saving the Nether Dragons

Book 9: Ender Dragon Versus Nether Dragons

Book 10: Attacked by the Nether Dragons

Book 11: An Unknown Enemy

Book 12: The Dragon’s Treasure

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