Diary of a Piglin Book 9: Ender Dragon Versus Nether Dragon

In an epic battle between the Ender Dragon and the Nether Dragon…who will win?

Calvin and friends failed to bring the Ender Dragon to the Nether when they spawn the Ender Dragon in the Overworld. Now there is an Ender Dragon on the loose in Minerland.

The only way to bring the Ender Dragon to the Nether now is if D’vart, the Nether Dragon, defeats it?

It is now the time to bring the Ender Dragon to its original home the Nether. But why was the Ender Dragon in the End in the first place? Did the Endermen have something to do with it?

Join Calvin, Peter, Johansson, Beatriz and Krop (who decided to join them this time) as they uncover the secrets of the past to save the future of the Nether Dragons.

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