Diary of a Piglin Book 7: The Ancient Creature

The Triad Bastion might have been destroyed by Calvin, Professor Johansson and Beatriz but Calvin will soon discover that there is a secret criminal organization that works relentlessly to avenge the fall of the Triad Bastion – the Triad Society!

This ‘new era’ would start with the opening of the borders with the city of Minerland in the Overworld. The Mayors of both towns – Robert of the Overworld, and Carl of the Nether came to an agreement and decided to unite both worlds.

This partnership is positively received by all citizens from both sides of the Portal. However, a missing human scientist is about to make a scientific breakthrough about an ancient creature that once thrived in the Nether. The discoveries of this scientist will change the Nether and even the whole of Minecraft forever, and it is now up to Calvin and his friends to find out how to restore order once again.

What will the scientist unearth in the New Nether? Can Calvin help stop the disaster before it’s too late?

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30 Little Unknown Minecraft Survival Tips

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