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Diary of a Piglin Book 18: An Unlikely Ally

The epic conclusion you shouldn’t miss.

With the hel of Murray and his invention, Tera and Kalo have become powerful and fierce Wardens. They seemed unstoppable at this point.

Calvin and his friends tried to stop Tera, Kalo and Murray from causing chaos in the Overworld but have failed several times.

When all hope seemed lost, and when all chances to capture the evil Wardens have disappeared, a new ally arises. This secret ally promises to help the group find out more about the Wardens’ plans and offer help in capturing the monsters and bringing peace back to the world.

Fearing that it could be a trap, will the group accept the offer and risk it all, or try a different route to stop the evil alliance from succeeding in its plan to rule the Overworld.

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