Diary of a Piglin Book 10: Attacked by the Nether Dragon

Can the Piglins and Nether Dragons peacefully live together in the Nether?

Now that the Nether Dragons have their new leader, Krop, their race has been saved from extinction and more Nether Dragons will spawn in the Nether. But the Piglins are not happy with having the Nether Dragons in their realm. A group of Piglins even formed an Anti-Dragon Association to voice their opposition against the Dragons, saying these ancient creatures are violent, aggressive, and a threat to the Piglins’ safety.

Calvin and Peter are determined to show the Piglins that Dragons are not enemies, but friends and they are willing to form an alliance with the Piglins.

But when a Piglin has been attacked and de-spawned from the Nether all evidence points towards a Dragon who did it. It is now time for Calvin and Peter to investigate. Is a Nether Dragon truly behind it?

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