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Diary of a Piglin Boxset: Book 1 to 6

Over 170,000 words of thrilling Minecraft adventure of one of the newest mobs in the Nether?

What do you know about the Piglin? Are they hostile or not and are they related to the Pigman?

Let Calvin Pignes’ diary introduce you to the world of Piglins. His earliest adventures starting from the time that a human scientist by the name of Johansson Armstrong discovered the new Nether, to his search for his missing dad and rescued him from the Piglin Brute and his first missions as detective of Crimson City are in one book. No more wondering what will happen next.

In this box set are the following stories:

Book 1: The World of Piglins

Book 2: Ancient Bones

Book 3: A New Threat

Book 4: The Secret Scientist

Book 5: On Trial Again

Book 6: The Triad Society

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