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Diary of a Mighty Ender Dragon

What is a Minecraft Ender Dragon doing in the Overworld?

The complete story of the mighty Ender Dragon in one book. All six stories in one Minecraft book. No more guessing what will happen next. Discover what made the Ender Dragon leave the End for the Overworld. Journey with the Ender Dragon as it tries to save the humans trapped in the Nether and witness its fiercest battle with another Ender Dragon, find out why the Mighty Ender Dragon has to leave the End again, who is summoning the Wither and will the enemies succeed in conquering the End.

In this book are the following stories:

Book 1: A Dragon In the Overworld

Your world will surely be filled with brand new exciting adventures as you enter the dark but amazing world of the ferocious Ender Dragon!

Unlike what humans know, the Ender Dragon’s life is in fact dull, boring and lonely. All he does is wait for humans to come to the End and battle with them. But unfortunately, it’s been weeks since the last human step a foot on his realm. This is very strange and so, he asked the Endermen to check out the Overworld for him.

However, the Ender Dragon didn’t expect what information the Endermen had for him on their return – the humans in the Overworld are all gone!

  • How could this happen?
  • What caused the disappearance of these humans?
  • Where are they?
  • Are they actually in big trouble?

The Dragon has made up his mind and is determined to uncover the mysteries and find and save those humans in case they really are in deep trouble. But the question is, can he do all these? How can he end up victorious in this tough, strange mission?

Book 2: The Reverse Dragon

The rescue they made is just the beginning of a much serious and bigger quest. There’s more that’s about to come… and they should be ready!

This time, everyone the Dragon knows is in danger – himself, Jack, Anna, the human survivors, the Witch, even the whole Minecraft world itself. And who’s behind all these? How can they go against someone whom they know nothing about?

Book 3: Dragon Versus Dragon

The Reverse Dragon wants everything for himself by vanishing the Ender Dragon and every creature in the Minecraft world. With his unimaginable cleverness and wicked plans, can the mighty Ender Dragon and his friends stop him? And how exactly can the so-called ‘Uncraftable Potion’ help the bad Dragon succeed with his evil plans?

There are still so many questions that needs to be answered and riddles that needs to be solved, but one thing is for sure, the Ender Dragon should get the potion first… but how?

What are the things they have to go through in order to save the world? And on their final match, who will end up as the last Dragon standing?

Book 4: The Return of the Mighty Ender Dragon

The Mighty Ender Dragon is back with a brand new adventure!

The Ender Dragon has returned to the Overworld to visit his good friends, Anna and Jack. But the happy reunion is cut short by a visit from another city in need of the Dragon’s help.

Belton, from the City of Zanas, is seeking assistance for his people to get rid of the monstrous Wither that has spawned inside a mine and is now wreaking havoc in that place.

The Ender Dragon and friends must go to the city and find out how to defeat this beast. The Wither is known for being a fierce creature, and the Ender Dragon is the only one in the server who can deal with it.

Book 5: The Wither Is Everywhere

After being defeated by the Ender Dragon, the Wither has spawned again!

Despite helping the city of Zanas and getting rid of the Wither, the monster is back once again! Belton, Madam Parvarot’s assistant, comes to the trio asking for their help again.

The Wither has returned to the city of Zanas – this time it has spawned within the city – and the Dragon is the only one capable of destroying this menacing monster!

However, what the Ender Dragon and his friends don’t understand is how such a big monster keeps being spawned in Zanas without anyone else noticing. Who is spawning the monster? What is their plan? What do they intend to do?

Book 6: The Master Manipulator

Who Is Controlling the Wither?

What seemed impossible turned out to be true. The Wither was actually being controlled to attack the other cities! But who is behind this evil plan? The Ender Dragon and his friends are about to discover everything!

The cities of Zanas, Fergus and Pavlov have been attacked by the Wither countless times and the Dragon wants to find a way to permanently stop the attacks.

All they know is that the Wither does have a conscious mind, however he doesn’t have full control over it. Jack, Anna and the Dragon want to find a way to set him free of his malice, if that is even possible, in order to help the citizens of all cities across the realm.

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