Diary of a Mighty Ender Dragon: (Book 4) The Return of the Mighty Ender Dragon

The Mighty Ender Dragon is back with a brand new adventure!

The Ender Dragon has returned to the Overworld to visit his good friends, Anna and Jack. But the happy reunion is cut short by a visit from another city in need of the Dragon’s help.

Belton, from the City of Zanas, is seeking assistance for his people to get rid of the monstrous Wither that has spawned inside a mine and is now wreaking havoc in that place.

The Ender Dragon and friends must go to the city and find out how to defeat this beast. The Wither is known for being a fierce creature, and the Ender Dragon is the only one in the server who can deal with it.

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30 Little Unknown Minecraft Survival Tips

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You will not want to put this book down as you learn the ins and outs to the games, and are guided into the intricacies of warfare.