Diary of a Mighty Ender Dragon: Book 1: A Dragon in the Overworld

Your world will surely be filled with brand new exciting adventures as you enter the dark but amazing world of the ferocious Ender Dragon!

Unlike what humans know, the Ender Dragon’s life is in fact dull, boring and lonely. All he does is wait for humans to come to the End and battle with them. But unfortunately, it’s been weeks since the last human step a foot on his realm. This is very strange and so, he asked the Endermen to check out the Overworld for him.

However, the Ender Dragon didn’t expect what information the Endermen had for him on their return – the humans in the Overworld are all gone!

  • -How could this happen?
  • -What caused the disappearance of these humans?
  • -Where are they?
  • -Are they actually in big trouble?

The Dragon has made up his mind and is determined to uncover the mysteries and find and save those humans in case they really are in deep trouble. But the question is, can he do all these? How can he end up victorious in this tough, strange mission?

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