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Diary of a Hoglin Book 3: Dragons versus Humans

With this recent turn of events, D’zort has become the new Original Dragon after D’tort went missing for over 10 days. In order to take over the role of The One, D’zort had to undergo a special ritual, which would turn him into a Nether Dragon again and grant him special powers exclusive to the Original Dragon.

However, the ritual fails and D’zort is tasked with a new mission. He must find out what exactly happened to D’tort and locate his whereabouts! He must enter the Overworld during one of the most dangerous moments in their history: the war between Nether Dragons and humans.

D’zort relies on the assistance of a new friend named D’vart to complete his new quest. How can D’zort locate the missing Original Dragon in his Hoglin form? What exactly did the Endermen do, and what was their purpose for kidnapping The One?

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