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Diary of a Hoglin Book 2: Who is Krop

A Nether Dragon that turned into a Hoglin…how unfortunate!

D’zort takes the risk and returns to the Nether. The leader of the Nether Dragon, D’tort, promises to help him regain his Dragon form. The problem now is how is D’zort going to reach the Nether Farlands in his Hoglin form. Unable to fly or swim in the lava, it will take years for him to walk all the way to the Nether Farlands.

A group of Hoglins mistakes D’zort for their Hoglin friend that fell off a cliff and takes D’zort into their family. It is among the Hoglins that D’zort will learn an important lesson and realizes that being a Hoglin isn’t really as bad as he thinks.

Is there hope for D’zort to be a Nether Dragon once again, or is D’tort’s invitation back to the Nether a trap after all?

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