Diary of a Hoglin Book 1: How It All Started

A Nether Dragon that turned into a Hoglin?

The Nether Dragons have reigned over the Nether for many centuries, even before the Ender Dragon itself existed. These red-feathered monsters roamed freely in the lava-realm, ruling the crimson dimension.

D’tort, the leader of the Nether Dragon, wants humans to stay out of the Nether.  He even desires to take over the dimension known as the Overworld. D’tort asks his second-in- command, D’zort, to travel into the Overworld to learn about the ways of the humans and to find a way on how to defeat them.

Upon fulfilling his mission, D’zort befriends Pierson, a human, and discovers that humans are not as bad as D’tort thought them to be. Convincing D’tort about his finding is another story.

Labeled as a traitor by D’tort because he doesn’t want a war to start between humans and Nether Dragons, D’zort embarks on a journey that is full of twists and turns that eventually transforms him into a Hoglin.

Can D’zort gain his Nether Dragon form back or will he be stuck in his Hoglin body forever?

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