Diary of a Drowned Trilogy Books 4-6 (3-Book Box Set): Diary of a Drowned Box Sets 2

The next half of Julius’ quest in one book!  More than 90,000 words of adventure packed novel!

After Julius  has become a drowned, he is back with new adventures to excite Minecraft readers. In this Minecraft box set is the following stories:

Book 4: Emperor Hori

A self-proclaimed emperor, Hori, bought a local server and started building his Megalopolis. The construction of Hori’s new city is destroying the natural biome of the ocean where the Drowned Lair is. Julius’ plea to the emperor to stop the construction near the ocean has fallen to deaf ear and worse of it all the emperor wanted the Drowned to leave the Lair instead and look for a new place to live.

Can Julius win against the emperor and his cohorts? Or is the Drowned race doom?

Book 5:  The Undrowned Syndrome

Julius is terribly sick.  He is suffering from the Undrowned Syndrome. If Julius will not be cured he will be stuck in his Drowned form but unable to survive in the Drowned Lair. He will be forced to leave the lair.

Julius and Jack would need to travel to another place called the Drowned Sanctuary and ask Renah, the leader of the sanctuary, for the cure. However, Renah is not an easy Drowned to please.

What missions will Julius and Jack do in order to receive the potion? If the mission fails, will Julius leave the Drowned Lair for good?

Book 6: The Skeleton Headmaster

The Skeleton Headmaster wishes to talk to Julius and convince him to join him on a mission to bring justice to the world. Null, the Skeleton, tells Julius of how poorly he has been treated in the past despite having good intentions because humans see him as a monster. Null said he and Julius should work together to make humans see that mobs and humans can coexist.

Can the Skeleton Headmaster be trusted? Does he really want to have peace and harmony among all humans and mobs? Will Julius find out Null’s true intentions?

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