Diary of a Drowned Book 5: The Undrowned Syndrome

Julius is terribly sick. He is suffering from the Undrowned Syndrome. What illness is it?

The condition is known to affect a few humans who became Drowned. The sickness progresses from headaches and fainting spells to the point that the Drowned will no longer be able to swim and breathe underwater. If Julius will not be cured he will be stuck in his Drowned form but unable to survive in the Drowned Lair. He will be forced to leave the lair.

Julius and Jack would need to travel to another place called the Drowned Sanctuary and ask Renah, the leader of the sanctuary, for the cure. However, Renah is not an easy Drowned to please.  Jack and Julius must complete a series of mission in order to get the potion as a reward.

What missions will Julius and Jack do in order to receive the potion? If the mission fails, will Julius leave the Drowned Lair for good?

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