Diary of a Drowned Book 1: Finding an Artifact

Julius happy, ordinary human life went upside down when the Zombies came to his village to attack him and him alone.  What do the Zombies want from Julius?

Julius was living a normal life with his friends in a nice village. Everything in his life went by without much of a concern.

Until one day, when the Zombies came for him. Julius didn’t know what was happening, and why the Zombies were specifically targeting him and no one else. Julius was cornered by the Zombies and had jumped into a lake to escape. Unfortunately, he was caught by the Drowned, who lived deep in the lake. Julius passed out as he struggled to free himself from the Drowned.

Julius woke up and to his surprise he was no longer a human. He had been transformed into a Drowned!

The Drowned promised Julius that he will regain his humanity back if he helps them find their precious artifact.

What artifact must Julius retrieve and why was it important to the Drowned? If Julius helped them can they be trusted to transform him back to become a human again?

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