The Adventurous Creeper Diaries Books 1 to 9

Your favorite adventurous creeper’s quest in one box set – that’s over 78,000 words of exhilarating Minecraft adventure!

Follow the complete story of Carl’s exploits starting with his first adventure of finding his parents and his initial encounter with Herobrine. Discover what other perils Carl the Creeper will face and the many friends he is going to make along the way. This is one Minecraft journey you shouldn’t miss!

Stories featured in this box set are:

Book 1: Creeper Chronicles

Book 2: Journey to the End

Book 3: Dragon Savior

Book 4: The Legend of Charlie the Creeper

Book 5: Mysteries of a Lost Kingdom

Book 6: Back to the End

Book 7: The End Crystals

Book 8: Altering the Timeline

Book 9: Corrupt Carl

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