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Defeating Steve Book 2: Houses, Homes, and Horrors Unknown!

Anders knew his adventure wouldn’t be over until he defeated Steve – once and for all.

With the once-abandoned village bustling with new life, Anders is desperate for any leads on where Steve might have escaped to. Options seem few and far between… until a stranger from his journeys returns and offers their assistance.

For a price, of course.

Now hundreds of blocks away, Anders, Karl, and Bonesy find themselves wrapped up in a massive village where people speak in hushed voices, and nobody stays out past dark.

Someone, or something, has been snatching villagers at night.

And it seems up to Anders and his friends to get to the bottom of it.

Author’s Note:
This thrilling adventure was first published in Amazon’s serialized reading app, Kindle Vella as episodes. This book is the first arc of the story. It features episodes 12 to 21.

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