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Chronicles of a Piglin Book 7: Chaos

Marcus Tore and Tina Stones have managed to escape from Halebury Prison once more. This time, they’ve assembled an army of mutants with the aim of conquering Fakertown. However, thanks to the courage and determination of Calvin and the citizens of Fakertown, they were able to triumph over the mutants. Unfortunately, amidst the chaos, Mayor Stanley was kidnapped.

With Mayor Stanley held hostage, Marcus issued a demanding ultimatum: – hand over Fakertown to him before the deadline he set, or the city would face severe consequences for their refusal.

In a race against time, Calvin, Peter, Johansson, and Beatriz are now on a mission to locate Mayor Stanley and finally put an end to Marcus’s reign of terror in Fakertown. The fate of the city hangs in the balance as they strive to rescue the mayor and bring an end to this menacing threat.

Author’s Note:
Hello friends, this thrilling Minecraft adventure was first published in Amazon’s serialized reading app, Kindle Vella as episodes. This book is the seventh arc of the story which features episodes 113 to 126.

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