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Chronicles of a Piglin Book 5: A New Agency

Things are looking bright for Fakertown. This city, which used to be a criminal hub, is turning a new leaf. Mayor Stanley is making sure that Fakertown is safe and progressive for its citizens and that everyone is given a chance to start anew.

One of his first decisions is to create the Internal Records Agency. This agency will be responsible for checking the background of all Fakertown citizens, updating their documents, and even offering them a chance to clean their criminal record as long as they commit not to go back to their former ways.

Everything seems perfect, and Stanley appoints Donna Zefer as the head of this new agency. Like Mayor Stanley, Donna was a former criminal herself but has vowed to stay off from a life of crimes. However, to Calvin and Peter’s dismay, strange things start happening within the agency. Now, they must rush against time and try to understand what could possibly be going wrong.

Author’s Note:
Hello friends, this thrilling Minecraft adventure was first published in Amazon’s serialized reading app, Kindle Vella as episodes. This book is the fifth arc of the story which features episodes 85 to 98.

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