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Chronicles of a Piglin Book 1: The Fugitives of Halebury Prison

What’s next for Calvin the Piglin?

Now that Tera and Kalo have been defeated the Minecraft world is at peace again. Calvin can’t wait to have his vacation while Peter is excited to be back working as a detective at Crimson City Police Department in the Nether.

But a letter from an ally is asking for help with capturing the seven most wanted criminals of the Overworld.

For someone who has just returned to his home, Calvin isn’t eager to go back to the Overworld so soon. But the threat of evil humans roaming Minecraft is something he cannot ignore.

What awaits Calvin and Peter as they pursue the fugitives of Halebury Prison? Can they bring them back to jail or will their enemies outsmart them?

Author’s Note:
Hello friends, this thrilling Minecraft adventure was first published in Amazon’s serialized reading app, Kindle Vella as episodes. This book is the first arc of the story which features episodes 1 to 30

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