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The Piglin is a recently added mob in the Nether World. What do you know about the Piglin? Are they hostile or not and are they related to Pigman?

Let Calvin Pignes’ diary introduce you to the world of Piglins. A diary written by a Piglin? Is that possible?

Calvin Pignes is an 18-year-old Piglin that lives in the Nether biome known as Crimson Forest. He lives with his mother, Willow, and his father disappeared many years ago near the Warped Forest.

The Piglins’ peaceful living was disrupted when a strange creature came out of a purple portal made of Obsidian and entered the Nether. That strange creature feared nothing and had weapons and armor made of exquisite materials which went above the golden weapons available in the Nether.

Could that creature help Calvin find his long missing father? Can Calvin trust it despite not knowing what the creature wants to do in the Nether?

Steve's New Adventure

Nothing about Steve’s life has been exciting, and for him, that’s exactly the way he likes it.

For as long as he can remember, he’s lived on one single base, with the same cow as his only companion. He waters his crops. He organizes his chests. And at night… well, at night, Steve stays in his bed, falling asleep to the sounds of strange things outside his door.

Every day is the same. And Steve has no intention of changing that. That is, until he meets Alex.

Set just after 1.7.2, The Update That Changed the World, this first installment in an epic Minecraft adventure follows Steve as he leaves his simple life behind in a celebration of the game that changes constantly, while consistently touching the hearts and imaginations of millions of players around the world.

But Steve is about to get more than he bargained for. Someone is following his new adventures… a man in a dark-purple suit with glowing eyes.

A man who will stop at nothing to watch Steve and his friends fail.

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How to Draw for Minecrafters

A Step by Step Easy Guide.This guide will show you how to draw 50 different mobs, tools and other stuff from Minecraft starting from scratch to its final details. Some of the characters and items are easy to draw and some are a little challenging, but as you will discover in the book everything starts from squares and lines. So as long as you can draw squares, circles and lines you’ll be able to draw this awesome stuff.
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Coloring Book For Minecrafters

Kids love Minecraft! Everything with Minecraft stirs children’s interest. This awesome unofficial Minecraft coloring book features every gamer’s favorite mobs and characters like: Steve, Alex, creeper, dragon, and 46 more images. Children will have many hours of fun coloring the images inside this Minecraft coloring book for kids.Minecraft coloring is the best activity book for Minecraft fans when they are not busy playing the game.


Diary of an Adventurous Creeper

Brace yourselves as your world gets filled with lots of fun and excitement as you join Carl the Creeper on his quest to find his family!

Being alone in the world where everybody has friends and family is one of the worst things that could ever happen to someone. This is exactly what Carl the Minecraft Creeper is going through. He never had a family or a friend. The worst thing is everyone around him seem to have not liked him either.

What if, there’s something Carl could do to get himself a family? It surely wouldn’t be an easy mission. But is Carl brave enough to take the risks? And is he willing to do anything to get his wish granted? What are the adventures that await him?

This story about friendship, family and adventure is brought to you by Mark Mulle, one of Amazon’s best-selling authors.

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