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Being Herobrine Book 5: Not An Easy Job 

Being Coach Herobrine is not without a challenge. After successfully helping two other Herobrines complete their mission, the third Herobrine was stubborn and arrogant causing him and Mark to be imprisoned by the very people they come to help.

Since Mark is an experienced Herobrine, Jeb trusted him to assist all the new Herobrines during these hard trials.

Some of the missions are easy enough to be completed in a matter of a few days. However, others will prove to be too challenging that Mark has to put all of his experience as Herobrine into use, if he wants to succeed at helping others.

The Herobrines must complete their objectives if they want to stay in their respective servers. Failing one or more missions might result in a permanent ban from the game. Mark is committed to never let that happen to anyone, but the third Herobrine is a different story. Will Mark be able to help him if the third Herobrine is not willing to follow Mark’s advice? Or will this be Mark’s first failure as a Coach?

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