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Being Herobrine Book 4: The Herobrine Program

With his success at being Herobrine, a new developer has asked Mark to assist other Herobrines in their quest to succeed at their missions

Notch turned Mark into Herobrine as a punishment for griefing his village in the past and assigned him several different tasks. If he failed, he would be permanently banned from the server. Despite all the challenges and the problems along the way, Mark succeeded at his quest and helped others overcome their issues.

Many months later, Mark is back at his old village, leading a simple life and not worrying about anything. But it seems Mark won’t stay like that for too long – a new game developer has requested for his assistance.

Instead of being Herobrine, however, Mark has a new mission: being the Coach of all Herobrine. He will have to assist other players in their objectives as Herobrine, and use from his past experience as a former Herobrine to teach them valuable lessons along the way.

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