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Being Herobrine (Book 2): Punished

Notch turned Mark into Herobrine for the griefing he did to his village. What is it like to be Herobrine? Will he continue griefing or will it be a lesson for him?

Join Mark on his yet another incredible journey as Herobrine!

This is it! Notch was the one who’s been watching Mark’s griefing escapades. To punish him for all the trouble he had done, Notch turned him into Herobrine and was given the task of helping other players in need.

But how can he be someone who helps humans, when all this time, he’s the one who’s been ruining their lives? How can he be good to others when all he did was to prank his fellow players?

This is going to be a tough task, but Mark is willing to do everything to successfully finish his mission!

  • What are the adventures that await Mark as Herobrine?
  • What are the problems his quest has in store for him?
  • Can he effectively fulfill his new role?
  • Or, is it going to be the end of his Minecrafting career, just as what Notch says?

There’s more thrilling and bigger adventure along the way, so let us all join Mark err Herobrine on his brand new quest to redeem himself.

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