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Becoming a Witch Book 1: A Villager or a Witch?

The villagers thought they came to trade items but instead the visitor griefed their village. Ann will not allow the griefers to come back to her village and destroy it again even if it means she has to take drastic measures to protect it.

Ann is a villager who lives in a peaceful village with her fellow friends. She works on the field, planting Wheat. Her friends, Aly and Pete, are in charge of planting carrots and potatoes, respectively.

They live happy lives and trade items with the human caravans who stop by every now and then. With the Emeralds they receive from the humans, the leader of the village known as Priest drains the powerful energy and uses it to protect the place from the night monsters.

One day, though, the village is attacked by a group of griefers. The innocent villagers thought the humans came to trade with them, but instead, they just wanted to have some fun with the helpless villagers.

Ann is frustrated with the attack, and wants to find a way to fight back. What if the humans return to destroy the village again? She wants to defend herself and the villagers against that. And in order to do so, Ann talks to a Witch to see what can be done.

But what Ann doesn’t know is that she’ll have to do some drastic changes in order to save her people from the griefers.

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