Awesome Activity Book for Minecrafters

Activity Book for Minecrafters/ Fun activity book for Minecraft gamers/Word Search, Connect the Dots, Mazes, Spot the Differences for Kids

Looking for a fun and engaging activity book for kids especially for Minecrafters?

Children will love this activity book that features different puzzles and games that feature their favorite Minecraft mobs and items. They will spend many hours solving mazes, connecting dots, coloring by numbers, matching items, answering word search, finding the differences and so much more. The activities in this book are varied so there are plenty of activities for kids to do.

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30 Little Unknown Minecraft Survival Tips

Are you a Minecraft fanatic? Do you want to know the best strategies for overcoming the challenges of the game?

This book contains thirty survival tips to help you become a pro at the game.

Learn the food to take, the ammunition to buy, the wood that will light the best fires, and the things to avoid in order to stay alive. Study the various ways to evade death and the food you need to stay energized. Understand the best metals for the game and how to protect your villagers from decimation.

You will not want to put this book down as you learn the ins and outs to the games, and are guided into the intricacies of warfare.