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Attack on the Overworld, Book One: Finding Herobrine

How is it that there’s another player in Ben’s supposedly single player game in Minecraft?

Ben is about to start his world on the Jungle Biome and with a goal to find Herobrine. One day, he found the surprised of his life when there’s another player on his supposedly single player game. Strange as it may sound, Ben had no idea who she is, where she comes, or why is she even on his game.

What’s even more strange is that as soon as he and the new player begin to accept their odd situation, mysterious signs started appearing wherever they are.

  • What could all these unusual happenings mean?
  • Is it a hacker making fun of them?
  • Or, is it Herobrine giving Ben a taste of his power?
  • Will Herobrine show himself to Ben and help him solve the puzzles?
  • Or, is it actually Herobrine causing all these mysteries?

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