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Aranuel the Spider King Book 3: The Apocalypse

What happens when you defeat your arch nemesis, the evil arachnid overlord, Aranuel? Time to celebrate, right?

Unfortunately not for Shauna, SJ, and the rest of the Pumpkin alliance. They soon realize that moments before he died, Aranuel released an army of spider soldiers to invade the world!

So when they suddenly find themselves in the midst of an arachnid apocalypse, the team of unlikely heroes decide to head to the one and only place where they think they’ll be safe; The End.

But with the threat of extinction looming, a survivor’s camp turned war-zone and an argument that splits their once inseparable alliance, will they be strong enough to make it to safety? And if they ever do, what awaits them after they reach… The End?

Author’s Note:
Hello friends, this thrilling Minecraft adventure was first published in Amazon’s serialized reading app, Kindle Vella as episodes. This book is the third arc of the story which features episodes 32 to 46

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